I've worked with an array of clients ranging from small businesses, to non-profit organizations, to marketing agencies.
Mitrapath Web Design & Development
Damidea Consultation & Development
EOS Marketing Web Design & Development
EOS Marketing


I specialize in WordPress, site redesign, and client training. My goal is to help small businesses make their mark on the web.

01. Web Development

I build customized sites that can be scaled up as a client's business grows. From design to launch, I ensure that a client's site is personalized to fit their needs and kept within budget.

  • ✓ Frontend Development
  • ✓ WordPress
  • ✓ Responsive Web Development
  • ✓ Next.JS
  • ✓ React
  • ✓ Eleventy

02. Consultation

In addition to building websites, I offer advice on hosting, SEO, and other online services. Depending on interest, I also provide training so clients can maintain their site and make minor updates on their own.

  • ✓ Site Backups
  • ✓ Site Maintenence
  • ✓ SEO, Google Analytics
  • ✓ Server Hosting
  • ✓ Client Training
  • ✓ Consultation on Existing Sites

03. Site Redesign

When an existing site is no longer working, either because the client has outgrown the design or the infastructure is outdated, I can help.

  • ✓ Site Migration
  • ✓ Site Rebranding
  • ✓ Site Rebuild