EOS Healthcare Marketing

After years using Squarespace to build their website, EOS Healthcare Marketing upgraded both their logo and website design. Like (read more)

Zandifar MD

Plastic surgeons are often a challenge because their websites focus highly on aesthetics and are image-heavy-- for good reason. (read more)

Seahurst Smiles

Seahurst Smiles is a custom website I built for my client, EOS Healthcare Marketing. Unfortunately, the client opted to (read more)

Saporito’s Pizza

This was a custom restaurant website I built on behalf of EOS Healthcare Marketing. It includes an interactive menu (read more)

Center for Vocal Health

The Center for Vocal Health is a WordPress site for the practice of Dr. Gupta, a voice physician and (read more)

Vision Republic

Vision Republic is an optometry clinic based in Texas.

Trail West Family Dentistry

Trail West Family Dentistry (formerly Swamp Rabbit Dentistry) is a dental clinic operating out of Greenville, SC. I built (read more)

Janey Makes a Play

Originally, another developer had created a one-page WordPress site for the client. While functional, the site had a dated (read more)

Sacred Space Coworking

Sacred Space Coworking is a business that provides space for "business services, daycare, and spiritual formation for productivity, hospitality, (read more)

Mitra Path

Mitra Path, Inc. is a non-profit organization based in California that provides business consulting through the principles of mindfulness. (read more)